Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.
Anais Nin

This wild thing inside speaks in tongues
I neither hide nor understand.
Suffer me to dissolve the hour when
I hang upon a gentle flower buried in quicksand.

This wild thing inside bloomed when nothing mattered
And life shattered behind a silent day.
I remember all paths led me to only one way.

I can't be blamed for those things my heart now longs for.
I can't forget those things that make my eyes shine
Whenever I kneel down and the world is mine.
I was myself alone before I got to know them.
Some things are hard to bear by moonlight
Don't expect me to be strong when
The past punches the eye of the night.

Maybe I will need my tears.
(Sorrow is little)
I know I will ache some more years
While unheard words expand within
And the world does spin.

This thirst, this need were born of the stars
As Pluto aligned with Mars, haunting my fears,
My insolent fears.
Yes, this wild thing inside is my answer.
My dress was dark, my heart was a stone buried
In the Tropic of Cancer.
I don't wear that shroud anymore.
I tore it when I learnt again
How to soar.

Karla Bardanza

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