That black silence is for those who know no peace.
Close the windows and forget the wounds outside.
There's music in the dark waiting for your heart
As you unburden your soul and see life so wide.

The vague shadows that greeted your eyes
Are sleeping, fading behind the vales green.
Let your thoughts seek beauty and comfort.
You're the actress of a new play. Set the scene.

Let the rain reverberate and whisper incantations.
Unzip the night, the stars will land on your hand.
Everything shall pass, love speaks at the end
When life is under your feet and command.

But if you can't find solace in my tender words
And need a shoulder to cry, lean on me.
My heart belongs to you, my little princess.
Here is my place. By your side, I will always be.

Karla Bardanza

For my daughter

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  1. Your poems touch me. Always great work with such emotion. :]