Rivers of fire burn my delicate body.

Flames licking my bruised hands,

warm embrace of tender desire

is now under my lusty command.

Mouths searching for old mysteries,

tasting the full moon so sublime.

Oceans engulfing waves of pleasure

awakened by the moans of time.

Timeless surrender to peace and trance,

communion of perfect darkness and light,

our souls are one as we glide and dance

celebrating passion and love this night.

Magic opens my naked soul and eyes

with petals hidden among the stars.

Chants and spells bring butterflies

to witness Venus unveiling to Mars.

Sighs echoing shape the pathway,

carve pearls and beauty from flames

as we lie silently looking for what to say

when we hardly remember our names.

Arms intertwined, loving crop from a kiss,

my heart humming an enigmatic lullaby

as I dream about eternal love and bliss,

wishing you could never say goodbye.

Karla Bardanza

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