Saturn gave me his rings. I want to marry Mars,

Venus didn’t say a word. She knows I want all the stars.

She promised me passion and dreams,

She made me burn in sweet fire, she said so softly that

Love was a wet journey between beauty and desire.

I heard her with the moon in my eyes, hiding my fears and my sighs.

I heard her dreaming with flowers and blue butterflies.

Jupiter told me to believe in him, Uranus presented me with

Unconditional love, Pluto only said: so below, as above…

Lost within, darkness all around, what to search if nothing

Can be found? I want to marry Mars, I want to be swept

Into eternity and quench my crazy thirst of lust and infinity.

I want to marry Mars and ride the sun at night…

But I have nothing and what is left is all I hide.

I want to marry Mars…

Karla Bardanza

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