I watch your slow death                                    

cuddling your lies, burying

you every single day as

time flies.

I appreciate the moment

without any regret, vomiting

your words without despair,

especially those that catapulted

me into air.

And your invisibility is so tender,

I have to admit, it is almost

a splendor.

I watch you agonizing

and it tastes like poison

burning my soul, killing

the moon, blinding the

night and the afternoon.

I opened my hands, I emptied

my pockets, I know, I know.

I saw with my closed eyes.

I am watching your death

as I will watch your defeat

and it will be so sweet, so


Karla Bardanza

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  1. This is one of the most riveting of your poems I have read. I like the ending, how you have overcome that which "poisoned you". This shows great strength in the person who has written this. I EXALT you on this wonderful piece! tc