Cover my eyes with your words

woven out of myrtle and cotton,

tattooed on my mind as the wind

lulled my sad stars.

Lost truths in my depths cry

when the past is fished in-between

those lines of beauty and dream.

Lost truths silence my soul.

I am a poem smitten by some

shadows’ soft caresses and unfeeling kisses

lost between the sun and the moon.

I am a flower that forgot how to come into bloom.

Stuck in a cave of sleep, my eyes still creep

in mysteries hidden in the past.

Cover my eyes, listen to the sea breathing deep

within while the wind my fate shall cast.

Cover my eyes with your words

made of autumn songs and incense


Let this lady of distance sow her dreams

in the rain.

Karla Bardanza

1 comment:

  1. Autumn songs and incense,, that is an interesting combination to show dreams washed away, not able to take root. I see this as your tears washed away with the rain as well. tc