As she cries in my bruised hands, my wrinkled soul silences, the flowers wither

quietly in distant meadows, the wind blows away the poems, the eternal vows.

Oh! I feel her tears in my eyes burning the sweet memories of the full moon,

skinning my old heart, shattering sweet promises, killing everything love sows

Tongue tied, I hold her in my arms, feeling her pain emerging in my weak veins.

Sunless moment carved in blood and time, mists clouding eyes and her sorrow

as we two stay there waiting for another violent stormy day after the last wreck,

weaving the threads of our sisterhood of love out of life and a new tomorrow.

It is a canvas of grief fate has painted for her with tints and shades of a sad blue.

It is what once I saw in the mysteries of water, it is what Venus forgetfully drew.

May she breathe clean air again, may the power of fire restore her divine light,

May the tempest wash away the past, may Mother Earth embrace her forever tonight.

Karla Bardanza

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  1. Comforting one as they deal with loss, and you yourself. Powerful.
    Yes, she cries, endless.