The Moon gazes at Mercury with silent hands and desire.

She wants to lick and kiss him all over again and again

as she tenderly burns him with her sweetest fizzy fire,

drinking his eyes, tongue and mouth with champagne.

She craves for his poetic words of passion and lust

as she hears his sexy whispers in a fiery embrace.

She knows all the dangers but she will self-combust

if it takes too long to taste his body and lovely face.

This passion is agitating her flowers and shooting stars.

Sometimes she can’t breathe, he is so close, he is there.

Maybe she has to put this passion behind some bars,

Maybe she has to hide her profane thirst somewhere.

What could she do but ask for this perfect pleasure?

She wants him so bad, she wants him below and above.

He would make a wonderful toy, she needs some leisure.

After all it is just a crush (she thinks) or… No!!!Is it love?

Karla Bardanza

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