So we are afraid of what we can’t understand.

We cling to what we manipulate and define.

We sit and console ourselves that everything is fine.

But deep inside, there is a shadow hanging.

A feeling haunting us, a guilty heart but who is to blame

If s/he has your name?

We shut ourselves, we act…

A big stage life is…

The fear is so intense,

So we accommodate ourselves to the lies we create

And each day we hate our cowardice more and more

And we just go on losing what we adore.

So self- controlled and self- contained we are…

We just need to get rid of what lurks in the dark…

We just think this is the right thing to do…

But you know you are so wrong…

You go along lost in the wilderness deceiving

Yourself and thinking you are deceiving the others too.

Pity because everybody knows you

And your silly strategies.

One day when the mask is off,

You will find yourself crying over the mistakes

But it will be too late, too late…

Karla Bardanza

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