Lies are poems in disguise,        

voices hidden in between lines

as transparent fans veil laughers

and pain.

I know.

But you have always been blind.

You search but what can you find?

So little you have seen: crumbles,

long forgotten wounds, scars on

the surface, traces of me deep

inside your frightened heart.

I closed my eyes.

I feel.

I regret my (in)visibility.

(listen to her, listen to her again)

I regret your collar.

I regret the words you never hear.

What binds us is not pity or pain:

What binds us is so immense, dense,

tense, intense.

What binds us is...but you...

(you feel...you feel...)

Oh! You are so afraid!

But you...you...your own soul betrayed.

Karla Bardanza

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