I enshrined you in my blindness

-Words are wild wings-

feathers falling from heavens,

the unbearable lightness of my being.

I lingered in silence, tarnishing the moon

with my heart, with my petty art.

-Words are a seagull's naive charm-

I believed I could sail through windy skies,

butterflies under my skin, a dove sinking

in sin. I was I, I have always been I.

-Words make nest-

You came laughing and unlocked the door.

A lonely storm in oblivion, my perfect

redemption and vision, I kneeled down.

The sun sprayed petals in my hands,

My anklets smiled, you could hear me

dancing around you, just for you.

I married God again.

Smothering dark dissolving in incense

of flowers and light, steps toward incantation

and delight.

-Words circled me slowly-

I wore the sky.

But what I have is here and gone:

O sweet, sweet, sweet

-Words left me alone-

O sweet, sweet, sweet,

What is this feeling so deep?

O sweet, sweet, sweet

Let me dream divinity in you again

and just sleep...and just sleep.

Karla Bardanza

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