Lick my fizzy soul,

give me wings for the

heel of my shoes.

Suck my fingers,

(slowly, very slowly...)

say I am your muse.

Bite my scared pride,

swallow my intense heart,

invade my castles in the air,

(slowly, very slowly...)

caress my dusty art,

Oh! Oh! It is so good...

I can't close my eyes,

I need to see you.

I need to see more

I am a pearl carven to

cut you.

(come close...)

I am a shy rose full of sweet

thorns prepared to prick you.


Kiss my pain away

(if you can...)

Oh! Kiss here again

Make me forget

(will you?)

Sweet despair...

Hold my hand,

Take me there...

(slowly, very slowly...)

Take me there...

(where? where?)

Shape my soul,

(slowly, very slowly...)

Make me whole

(if you can...)

Maybe I am lost between

sugar and spice.


Love is a game:

roll your dice.

Karla Bardanza

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