The music of my soul washes over me, transcends me, takes me,

vibrates intensely in my fiery heart as the wind sighs and blows.

Sweet moment of divine surrender to my own secrets and silence

echoing within, healing my cruel scars while I feel the moon flows.

Transporting me to my own mysterious depths of darkness and light,

the music of my soul awakens my shy humanity, stretches my thought

as I see the great chain of being from the grandest to the most infinitesimal

pulsating as one, emanating from the beauty God conceived and taught.

I am one with everything around me, I am the stars, the meadows, the sea,

I am the container of life, I am this music playing in my heart, in my soul

as l marvel at the morning dew on the enchanted petals of the flowers

flying into the unknown, feeling again I have definitely become whole.

Karla Bardanza

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