Reading your life’s story

I relive your pain

I feel all that you went through

And to see how you

Have overcome it all

You are a soldier

One on the front lines

Fighting for good

You inspire me to live

As courageous as you

Always ready to give

An answer for my beliefs

How you entered the belly

Of hell itself

To only come out

Into the sunlight of hope

Love has overcome

The evil around and within

You are a pillar oh soldier

A great warrior indeed

You were given the Indian name

Of Beautiful Flower

How your bouquet is full

To offer up to the Father in heaven

You face does shine

With the light of heaven

Truly you are an inspiration to us all.

The sweet transparency of love

in your eyes exceeds and excels

in beauty and delicacy as you

hold the unheeding sun in your hands

and walk the path of glory and faith,

speaking the languages of the angels,

teaching untamed hearts and blind

souls to rise in truth and love.

I look at you and the fragrant night

whispers incantations, sewing some

more miracles around me, turning

stars in hope and songs when pain

kneels down just to listen to your

heart laughing in lilies and peace.

And I believe again in the sanctity

of life, in the perfection of love.

Cinda and Karla Bardanza

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