When I had nothing else

to remember, I disliked

the sea and this indecisive

color of the ground.

What happened was simple.

There wasn’t any sound

but that made by the dying

leaves flourishing on the


It was a lovely day when

I hated life more. I looked

myself in the eye and I

couldn’t pronounce my


I guess I forgot who that

scared angry little woman


It was a moment of drawing

sustenance from air, I was

a tremulous you.

I was.

Karla Bardanza

1 comment:

  1. This to me speaks of a great awakening, of finally growing past the fears you have held onto. You let them go and found new life in the air your breathed. I really enjoyed this. I like the person jumping up in the air as if breaking free. This visual truly adds to what you had so beautifully conveyed. Blessings