Under the wintry moon, passion stood a moment in my forlorn eyes,

humming despised lullabies, serenading my deaf flowers, retracing

my shy minutes my widowed hours.

His words baptized my disenchanted hands:

I believed I was free from the isolation of the sky.

He would keep rain from me as I listened to the voices of earth

singing across the sea. He would shelter my soul from the frost,

reading my petals, deciphering my delicate fragrance.

(my perfumed garden did laugh and dance)

Under a fizzy shadow I waited observing his words, his light, his beauty,

gathering stars, bathing in flames, surprising my tender scars.

Those were nights of bottomless potable water and half-waking dreams.

I was mesmerized.

( he carried me away to his lovely northern streams)

Unremembered oceans were expanding within when the trajectory

was interrupted and my space shifted. In sweet nothingness I could

still see the sun in him, feeling what was deeper than love, sinking

in blindness, diving where the moon embraced the horizon.

(dimmed sweetness)

Darkness dreamt for me: a wonder bubbled into my soul,

hiding my sunny heart in secret rivers of fire. I was consumed

like a curse. I was the fear of my sick desire. I drowned.

O Love!

Reach out towards me,

save me from this wreckage:

(the pieces of my soul are scattered in hell)

Hold my hand again, pull me up,

this silence is a spell.

O Love!

Race down my avenues of hope,

unlock our fountains of peace.

This pain is innocent,

This pain shall cease.

The invisible heart of this rose is still yours.

The invisible heart of this rose will always be yours.

Karla Bardanza

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  1. This is written from a heart that was broken and had fallen in love completely, which will always be in love with your missing half. I feel for you. It is a curse to love what we cannot have. To slowly smolder on fire. Briliantly done! ptp... this is beautiful.