Song of a Witch

I choose another artifice
to wrap you up in my inhabited planet,
thinking less than i should
because i want to know nothing.

we are inventions of a possible tomorrow,
a strange transparency of a spell:
where are your blue eyes?
where is the east coast and
my treasured lies?
if you could catch my meteorites,
if you could be a tree, a flower, a word.

there is you, impossible as a rock,
light, strong, perfect, licking my fingers,
disintegrating magic, singing my song
when i am disheveled, intense, pure.

and we are close to a cultural disaster,
to shakespeare and graciliano ramos, to ungrateful scars;
mars save me.i am venus after a storm,
a spoil of a war. take me where the goddesses are
because I know the song and my virginity whispers
new incantations softly as the moon sinks between
my legs.

my hands remember you;
i listen to lana del rey and
we are larger than the sea,
we are the song, the potion,
the poison.

everything is transient.
let us mask poems, feelings, desire.
the witch will ride another broom.

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2014 Photobucket

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