Gazing long at the abyss

A heart touched my heart
with some smooth red wine words
and sixty-two lies
and it is with some disdain
i look at the sun, protecting
myself from my own overflows
on this insane inglorious day
as you - who are you?
teach me a bit about 
my incongruities and distance.

a body of water lies
between us and you swim
in my waterfalls and occasional
falls too but there is no witness
and even your eyes are not close
enough to contemplate
all my mysteries and ignored depths
when i'm not on duty, sir.

life evaporates
and little i have 
apart from a handful of words
and sorrow for what i can't have.
i saw my old photos:
that pretty girl was still there
waiting for a guy like you.
she cultivated dreams as
i cultivate books nowadays.

this is the great absurd in
my life but i am doing
what Nietzsche said:

i'm trying to find meaning
in suffering and gratitude 
in art.

one day i'm going to give
birth to a dancing star.
would you like to be the father?

Karla Bardanza

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