Things about her

Gonca Yengin
She ain't gonna tell you the whole story
because it hurts to look back in anger again.
It was a subterranean experience.
It is a salty story.

What happened, she buried between
her legs and sleeps with one eye open
but she doesn't complain, she never
complains about it. She is liking herself
more these days. It's better not to smell
what stinks.

But if you ask she's gonna say
she isn't a victim. She doesn't like
when people give that profane stare
at her. Nah, she doesn't like when
people think there is no fixing:
She's an unafraid kind of woman.

She was not happy in her skin
but now she is cured.
You ain't gonna make her
remember what made her
so violently small.
The wolf is half-dead now.

Karla Bardanza
Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012 Photobucket

1 comment:

  1. This rings truth of great depth, strength of
    self discovery. It is in life that we learn
    who we are and made of. Bravo, EXALT my friend.