Requiem for you

Painting by Andre de Freitas

I shall not think of you
as a lunar creature or forgive you
for being less than you are
from Monday to Sunday.

In a year or maybe less
you will be remembered
like a stupid mistake made
when I was trying to learn
a new language and my tongue
didn't obey my mind.
I may even laugh at your sleepy mouth
or weak French.
(how could you decipher me if you can't
even read in between my lines?)

I like to think you are dead
so if you aren't yet, you can die
as you please.
I can make a wonderful widow
in a black tube dress.
A hat with a veil would hide my guilty eyes.

I must say I am not sorry for anything.
I swapped you for an old edition of Kama Sutra
long before I could say goodbye to tolerance.
I really do not care if life runs over you
or if your irresponsive and irresponsible heart
stops beating.
People like you are mourned by darkness.

Karla Bardanza

Photobucket Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012

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