The Craft

Painting by Carrie Vielle

The Craft she learnt before she could understand
what it could mean. She looks in the mirror
and sees a crescent tattooed on her forehead
and a thousand stars gather at her feet,
reclaiming what has always belonged to her.

She raises her hand, drawing down the Moon,
feeling Her presence within her heart, visiting
supra-sensible dimensions as her conscience alters
and the whole world is a seed, a leaf, a flower
and a fruit.

Sacred woman, who are you when you are not you anymore?
Sacred woman, who do you honor when you embrace
the rituals of love and pleasure?

Hail Sweet Mother,
The Craft is what she inherited and what those who came through
her will inherit too.
Blessed Be this woman who was born into the light.
Blessed be the one who will always bow to you.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012

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