Jasmine Flower

Painting by Cristina Iotti

She rides jasmines flowers in fields of hope
and I sit upright to appreciate her care
when buds sleep in her hands of myrtle.

I used to think I could never give
birth to beauty for I was too rude
to understand the mysteries Nature hid.
But the first time I saw my seed wrapped up
in blood, my soul unfolded towards
bliss and awareness.
I remember the wind was harvesting incantations
and jasmines:
we cried together. We both were afraid of
this world devoid of flowers and sacredness.
It was autumn.

She is the wonder of April sowed in August.
Petals gather at her feet when Kama
attaches jasmines to his arrows to pierce hearts
and celebrates love. She herself is love.
How I adore when she calls me like a secret!
Life visits me whenever she puts her arms
around my neck or snuggles in my lap.

She walks and her benevolent light lulls
Kama. Eternity multiplies us in hues of delicacy,
scattering kindness and peace and I, in awe,
whisper to the universe: "she is my daughter".

Karla Bardanza
For Yasmim, my daughter. She will be 15 on April 25th and for us, Brazilian people, 15 years old is a very important age for a girl.

Kama: Hindu God Of Love
Yasmin ya(s)-min as a girl's name is pronounced yahz-MEEN. It is of Arabic and Persian origin, and the meaning of Yasmin is "jasmine flower". Yasamin is the original form.

Photobucket Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012


  1. Bela homenagem à sua filhota, quase com 15 anos. Muito bonita. :)

  2. Beautiful Karla! EXALT!