The phonetics of feelings

Painting by Kay Ruane

He told me
I taught him
so many things,
specially the difference
between a long i and a short one.
The phonetics of feelings needs
only simple sounds like murmurs.
Words are not necessary.

My last statement, affirmative, whatever
was Ich Liebe dich although
he teaches French.
I had to show him how many languages
my heart could possibly speak.
I sipped my poor German on the rocks.
It caused no disturbance in the air.
Maybe I didn't pronounce it correctly.
German is so guttural and I had many truths
stuck in my throat. Things like:
"Can't you hear me? Can we try again?
Can I survive your blindness?
(Obama is wrong: no, we can't)

Now the only sound I can make
is voiceless.
My vocal cords were brought together
and are closed.
No air could flow through them.
Sounds do not vibrate anymore
in the chambers of heart.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012

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