Painting by Patrícia Ariel

As I climb down a flight of the stairs,
holding your words,
carrying the hours,
I profess to myself
what I feel.
Your unheard voice
still shouts me.
( I am not well if you want to know)

I can't think of anything else
and for a few minutes,
I am ouside myself,
running and dancing
about the streets of Rio de Janeiro.
(all I want is the best for our lives, my dear)

But here I stand,
burning to the ground
for I can't bear those days of doubts
and disbelief.
Inside nothing I am
and there is no moon
as I whisper your name,
crouching in the dark.
(all I want is the best for our lives, my dear)

Everything is wrong
 and I have nowhere to go.
Wish I could dance with your words.
But my hands are still over my eyes
when I read you.
when I think of semi-sweet wine.

Karla Bardanza


Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

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  1. Ahhh... family, how so I can relate! Blessings! tc