Painting by Lucia Coghetto

I have a secret to tell:
I am glued to this world.
Who should be blamed for this mistake?

But my head has never been here
over my shoulders.
It is lost in another galaxy
where my moment fits the impossible stars.

My eyes observe
unobservable beauties,
specially those tighten by hope and faith.
I am a self-taught dreamer.
Every day
I challenge myself to see the world
from a different angle.
I like to hang upside-down like a bat
and see some miracles.
I know I can't see any when
my feet are on the ground.

Once I tried to run away,
flee from the poor meaning of life.
The window was open
and invited me to study the Laws of Newton.
When I opened my black eyes,
I was already glued to this time of desacralization.

It has been hard to face what is absolute and undeniable.
(I did all my best to smile)
There must be something that justifies my presence
in this dimension.
But I don't want to philosophize now.
I am open to suggestions.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

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