Painting by Vanessa Lemen

Those eyes behind the mirror
are like cameras watching me,
spying my vulnerability and isolation.

I told them I am well.
Those voices don't call my name anymore
but they never listen to me.
I have been getting fat and fat each day.
They say I can't improve:
my behavior is not acceptable.
(what is acceptable anyway?)

I wish I had other options
besides being knocked out all the time,
Can't control my mind,
They said there is a monster lurking
at the bottom of it.

I was imposed a discrediting classification.
Labels, labels all around.
The voices inside my head never stop.
( I lied. Who can help me?)
They are yelling at me now.
Can't control them.
I should wear earplugs.
I should play loud music.

Can you hear me?
The injection again.
Who am I ?
Who are you?

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

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  1. The voices come from the planet Jupiter from the Ice Queen of the dethroned Queen of Heaven. Chant out loud you are not interested. I have faith you can do so. later