Painting by Alphonse Mucha

As we lay on the grass,
savouring and saving the world,
pretending our future is not diminishing
and Mother Earth hasn't been abused,
we profess our love to every living creature,
breathing a kind of peace we will never have.

For some minutes you forget apartheid
and I ignore twenty years of dictatorship,
celebrating life as it should be when
we were teenagers.
A wave of solidarity wash through us
and we go from oblivion to calm resignation
as we paint our memoirs, drinking our semi-sweet wine.

The whole world belongs to us:
trees, stars, oceans, flowers, mountains
no matter how difficult it might have been
for us to believe we were human beings too.

We are still breathing in spite of
blindness, ignorance, violence, intolerance.
We are still here.
Let's enjoy our picnic:
Our hour is here.
Our time is now.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

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  1. This is profound... I am going to frame this... for it speaks truth in volumes... that we can survive and exist in an imperfect world. STELLAR!!! Love Flower