Drink me:
water for your salvation.
Crystalline desire
baptizing your tongue,
your mouth,
your fingers.

Drink me:
I can quench your thirst of infinite dimensions
as you try to breathe
in and out without feeling
your pulse.

Just an impulse.
Let me marry your eyes,
your wild eyes while I pull
your perfect hair.
I am a dishevelled bride today.


Swim inward,
flow outwards,
I am water,
I am sacred water:
your source of pure tomorrow.

Make me a waterfall,
make me fall in my pure depths.
I am a pool,
I am a lake:
drink me while love eats me out,
drink me while the moon can't break.

I am blessing you:
waters of your victory.
This moment is nameless,
this moment is to be memorized.

Watch now
it's violent,
it's uncontrallable:
my rivers flood,
my dams explode,
my tides rise:
this is just for you.

Drink me:
my waters are beyond capture.
I am here
and my hour is now.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

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