The delirium lasts in my soul.
Fevered I try to capture my sanity again
As I see a damsel dropping her veil stained
With blood in the rain.

I go nowhere.
-my battle is lost, it only obscures my present-
That vision augurs darkness and anarchy once more.
-but I love what I abhor-
Maybe I need to squash these eyes of steel.
Maybe I should fling my heart away.

Nobody knows but it was a fallen angel who
Weaved my permanent damages.
His venomous words crucified me forever.
I remember that day. I just bowed my imperfect
Head, entrapped by an oath of blood and pain.

He took my soul.I gave myself.

Why am I tied to a bed?
Where should my mind go?
Why do dreams lie dead?

Karla Bardanza

1 comment:

  1. This smacks of deceit, and the loving what one once hate, and hating themself for loving it.
    Truly a vicious cycle this is.
    I love the description so articulately portrayed. EXALT!