I made music just for you today.

Could you hear a sonata of stars?

Chords of immense beauty and magic

carrying you away as I played my

heart among the butterflies.

I remember there was an erhu

crying delicate tears, calling us

to hunt roses and lilies, casting

spells in the air. I think you almost

drown in the music. I think.

I made music for you today.

Could you hear a symphony of clouds

flowing through the fields? A sickle moon

caressed you hair and the night had

a scent of hope and enigmatic petals.

I remember you whirled at the

sound of my words. It was a canvas

of delight painted with the tints

of tenderness. I think my melody

lingered under your skin for a long

time. I remember it was sublime
I made music for you today

and my heart and soul sang

what I could not yet say.
Karla Bardanza

1 comment:

  1. The language of love in this write.
    Of exalted, sublime, blissful love.