Chasing rainbows of lilac and violet hue

as I search for myself across my noble sky,

lost among clouds of a pretty cyan blue,

listening to the sad seagulls moan and sigh.

Mysterious horizons sew oceans inside,

discontinued patterns of my own soul.

Who is this one I need to fish and find

When I despairingly yearn to be whole?

Some celestial song dissolves my geography

as I close my hopeful eyes in this tantric night,

holding so close to my heart your photography,

prolonging my lonely pleasure and delight.

Mind wandering away, your colors so true,

love and desire racing through my new skin,

body craving for more, a insane thirst for you,

my erotic drums beating passionately within.

Rainbows exploring silent waves and shooting stars,

clouds embracing my curves, enjoying my warm sea,

seagulls kissing, cuddling tsurus and wolves so far

as my sweet lust breathes deeply again inside of me.

Karla Bardanza

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