Surviving without any water or even care,

the enigmatic cactus flower bloomed alone

in a harsh tropical desert lost somewhere,

hidden by its shy thorns and a quiet stone.

Adaptable to arid surroundings, silently it grew

pretending to be strong when it was so fragile.

Afraid of dark afternoons and everything new,

The cactus flower learnt to live in tender exile.

Being difficult to handle due to its spiky spines,

It is a beauty hardly ever cultivated or admired.

But even in solitude, this flower always shines

As it has the qualities a difficult life required.

Lovely plant of sweet pricks people fear

But they don’t know your pain and scars

Or even how many times you shed a tear

Sighing and gazing at the golden stars.

A delicate enigma, this flower will always be

for people who are heartless and totally blind

as it holds the mysteries some are unable to see,

those which are the most beautiful and refined.

Karla Bardanza

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