Silence hugging the night,
Sweet moon melting in the sea,
Stars falling from the sky,
Such a delight is just for me…

Angels singing here and there,
Flowers in bloom perfuming
The room, some music carrying
Me away, I overflow, I let myself go…

Candles lit, shadows on the wall,
Enchantment…heavens must be
This delicious sensation.Heavens
Must be what one can feel and see…

Warmth…something in me flies
Among the butterflies, something
In me visits The Milky Way and
Explores all the words I can’t say.

I travel…distant planets…Venus
And Mars…comets, shooting stars,
Jupiter, Saturn, I hear the silence
Of moonlight…I hear my heart
Beating peacefully at dead of night.

Karla Bardanza

1 comment:

  1. How beautiful! I have stood out in the open under a full moon, with the light across the dark meadows. I look up and think of all that space up there, so vast and profound. And it was created all just for me to enjoy. Loved this poem!