Something in me understands the voice of this heart broken in 2.
Abandoned hopes and nites take me back to the start, I listen to
The rain cryin', I listen to my heart drownin' in pain and again I
Feel Im dying, I feel Im bendin' with the weight of my silent fate.

Nothing is gonna b as it was b4, who was the first to open the door
And sketch the serpent's touch? Idk much, Idk anything, I can only
See that you've cut my wings. Im lost within meself, Imnt strong,
I cant go along. What was so right is gonna b forever lost and wrong?

Oh! Hun listen to me crying 4 ya, I wanna b swept into eternity,
I wanna gouge my eyes out. Oh! Hunni, listen to my pain, to my shout.
Oh! Luv take me away to a new day, lemme tell ya all the words I cudn't say.
What I have now is the kiss of the memories crawlin' neath my cold skin.

This heart broken in 2 makes me feel there ain't been nothin' like ya an' me.
This heart broken in 2 has to learn again how to b free...
Karla Bardanza

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  1. Painful to read Karla... I feel for you... take care (((hugs)))