I want to live my life again

and hold your hand where

the flowers burn and the moonlight

is a sonata written on a summer day.

I still feel you eating sugar out

of my hands, ritualizing my minutes

with your sacred presence.

My lilies were rooted deeply in

my infinite hours of milk and music.

A canvas painted with the tints

of eternity.

A masterpiece hanging on the

walls of my memory.

I want the privilege of living a

thousand lives near my heart,

making of myself a light:

the most radiant you could ever


The dazzling star of your disattached


I want to live my life again

and meet you under the oak trees,

staring down at me with your

lyrical eyes.

Happiness is never over.

It accompanies us in every turn

of the wheel of fortune.

When will I see you again?

When will the waves carry me

to the most profound abyss

where my heart pounds?

Your shadow spoke to me

and vanished among the sad roses

on the winter's margin.

I feel so cold My Love.

I feel so desperately cold.

Karla Bardanza

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