Hold my dreams as the shores sleep.

I feel you beyond the echoing dunes,

I feel your roots: plunge me deep in

your love, cement my eternity in a mosaic

of beauty and delicacy, tile my heart with

hope and tomorrow.

What I feel lives in all my songs.

The magic is written in words carved

in white stones and lilies. Your mountains

bewitched me: spells of wild flowers.

You have filled my life with sun and

sighs. The jealous moon floats in my eyes

and I don't live in myself anymore.

Now the planets are ready. Saturn gave

me his rings, Venus kissed Mars, Mercury

got lost among the stars when I embraced

the constellation of Scorpius and Antares

was whispering. Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto

swam in Neptune.

Hold my dreams, my shores sleep, my tides

are silent. An ocean breathes in me. I feel

the enchanted waves carrying me away.

I feel.

Love is an endless space unfurled.

Love is a wild sea hidden in my heart.

Karla Bardanza

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