Accostumed to a surrounding darkness we are
as we contemplate those shadows so bizarre,
enslaved by reflections of a pseudo-reality
that dooms us forever to delusion and fatality.
Life seems to be what we think we can see
but our sight is only a small drop in a wild sea.
Chained in the cave, we live happily and in peace,
unaware of what might never change or cease.
The chains are sweet, some don’t need a release.

Is there a truth? Where is it corrupted eyes?
The dark conceals so many flaws and lies!
Who can unchain our souls and hearts?
Let us see the whole even in small parts!
How can we understand the nature of things
If our ignorance still pulls our weak strings?
How can I possibly look upon the strong sun
If my eyes are corrupted by what can’t be undone
and I am a walking shadow…and I am no one?

Karla Bardanza

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  1. We all are in the same cave, just different sections of it. When we move around we find we are not alone. Loved this! Blessings.