"Individuality is freedom lived"
-John Dos Passos-

When we are all together, nothing else I can see
Not knowing who I am, or if I am where I should be.
Looking around, everybody is absolutely the same.
Does anybody know what I like or even my real name?
So much more to me than this old smoking I have to wear,
Different even in my sameness, but do you care?
My identity is not defined by what you may think of me,
Or even by the strong wind, snow or cruel sea.
I respect my uniqueness, madness, spirituality inside,
Respect my mistakes, especially those I will never hide.
My most important belonging: my silent individuality
Not dissipating it; for it is a trait of my personality.

Karla Bardanza

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  1. We can all look the same and act the same at times. We need to chance to be ourselves. Liked this a lot. tc