Welcome to my today.
the door is ajar,

you can come in 
and take a sit.
there is a special shadow
in that corner waiting
for you.
will you feel comfortable
if we all keep our eyes closed?
maybe we should forget
all concepts and start from

i know the voices 
inside you head are
you won't hurt anybody
but silence itself.
(yes, i know)
but whenever i think of you
red detailed words fall at my feet
and your mother bends
over us crying for acceptance.
i understand her heartbeat.
can't understand mine though.

it is strange to be in front of you
and see less than we all should.
your life aches.
our fears also ache 
and we are not prepared yet.
(no, we aren't)
(not now)
can you come back next week?
i'm sure we will have devoured
the how-tos by the time
your monsters attack the mango trees.

will you become what you can be?
what can i do for you
as the sun crosses the table?
forgive me i am too small
for big things.

the voices inside my head shout too.
no one can listen to them
but you.

karla bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2015 Photobucket

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