Showing my heart to persons that are invisible

The infinite, radiant IS
but baby, i am still here
and it is not that easy
due to the retrograde planets
specially Pluto and Neptune.

they are drinking
my energy and all i do
is trying to stand up
as i stumble and fall
over my wordy days.

yes, i still spend time
thinking of you:
David Gilmour still makes
my guitar heart beats
but i know the strings
are not here.

i confess my muse 
has been tired and silent.
she can't listen to me
anymore and
it doesn't matter how hard
i try to convince myself
i can be a poet.
i belong to a one-club woman.
who's there but me,
myself and i?

the fact is, my dear g:
you left me in a sea of covers.
see the waves drawing me?
who cares huh?
who misses me?
(do you?)

don't say anything.
pay attention to the media goddess
or open your Bible again:
Matthew - charpter 7.

and be safe
above all.

i am here.
part of me is here.
and as you said before:
bleeding in front of strangers.

karla bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2014 Photobucket

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