Lady Skyclad

She's got a book of secrets
where she wrote what can't be read
as her half-smile hides the spells of  the moonlight.

Will she tell you what she saw?
will you tell her what you can't see?

She is drenched in metaphors,
and her vast existence is
beneath something I can't name yet.

A quiet power she is.
I can feel the wind blowing her mysteries.
Lady Skyclad, 
shall I undress the black stars?
Lady Skyclad,
let Venus drink Mars.

He shall learn her prophecies
before the sun sets again
she opened her wounds four yesterdays ago
and I can't stay here anymore
for today is tomorrow
and tomorrow is the poetry of silence,
the weight of love.

Lady Skyclad,
I can't understand your words
or the breath of the sea.
Lady Skyclad,
why do you insist on living inside of me?

She wrote a book of secrets
an uncommon light filtered through the trees,
tearing the days ahead.

I won't cry for her
I promise you, Lady Skyclad.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2014Photobucket

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