Oshun by Carybé
Ora le le o!
When she looks in her golden mirror,
the same song envelopes the universe:
her dreamy feet dance on the waters of life
dissolving me inside a kaleidoscope,
reflecting multiple patterns of my hues.

Yellow roses, tulips and chrysanthemums bend:
Oshun is cuddling the world, making love to beauty.
Peaches, pears and papayas fall from the pregnant clouds.
Love is

Ora Yee Ye Ofyderiman
Oshun is in my womb but it is me who belongs to her.
Queen of the Sweet Waters,
where did you hide my future? Nine moons sleep in me.
Nine moons sit at my feet as my Lady inspires the flowers.

And when I look at her, it is Oshun who looks at me,
it is love sailing around my heart.
It is my mother bathing me
in the waters of Oshun..
Ora le le o!

Karla Bardanza

Oshun is the Goddess of love, intimacy,wealth, diplomacy and intimacy.
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