Olga Suvorova
It was too late
when she got the phone
and said she regretted her attitude.
I could never understand
her choice. We were just 19.
We should never follow the night
into oblivion and nobody told us
we could so why did you decide
to hide the roses in mud so late?

Denise, Denise,
tell me what you can see
when the midnight stars melt
the sweetness of your eyes
as they tell you he is happy
without you.

Denise, Denise,
your tender eyes deceived me:
I never thought you would
change life, calling out death
to sit beside you.
Did you think you would punish him?
We were too poor to claim for justice.
He was too rich to care about you.

Denise, Denise,
Are you still sleeping?
I was told you are in limbo:
you violated your spiritual contract here.
You were supposed to put up with
all the heartache and pain.
Some say you were courageous.
Some say you were weak.
I say you were my lovely friend.
I say you were suffering so much.

Life has never been the same
after I found out love can be outrageous.
Denise - did he say "I love you?"
Did you believe his god's promises?

You know Denise,
faith couldn't sustain me for
a long time and I got angry because
I couldn't see your heart moaning
as I should:
you were so quiet and smiling
even wounded.

When we meet again,
we will sit, drink some coke,
watch some bands, preferably The Cure
and Duran Duran and talk about
the past before him.
I should have known you would prefer to die
rather than facing dishonor.
I know Denise, I know.
( I can still hear you after all these years)
I know you loved alone.

The roses are half smiling Denise.
( Can you see them?)
and they are smiling just for you, my friend.
Just for you.

Karla Bardanza

Denise - I love you. You still live, my friend.
Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012 Photobucket

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  1. So sad, so beautifully written! What a tribute to someone you love. Great piece!