Gluing life

Matt. R Martin
I could tell you that everything will work out. I could fill you up your ears with pretty words. I could promise you things that shouldn't and can't be promised. But I'm afraid that you may wake up without any miracle in your chest. I won't allow you to believe in the impossible. I prefer to sit by your side and you just say: "I'm here."

I know there are things that happen to get us out of this now and set our eyes on the future. This is just to make us look inside ourselves and seek possibilities. I chose to share this weird moment with you. I'm not going to plant dreams in your fertile mind. I'll enlighten you and give you the opportunity to fight together with me. I'll give you my voice and my shoulder that supports everything, I give you my faith, my desire to live life with and without despair, with mistakes and sucesses. I'll give you my unconditional love even when there is no more love right there. So hold my will to lift you up and get up from this bed full of darkness. Go to the bathroom, look yourself in the mirror and ask if you deserve what is happening. If the answer is no, I'll be here to get the shards and glue life with you.

Karla Bardanza

For Yas and Alex
Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012 Photobucket

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