Ricardo Fernandez Ortega
A flower is not a flower.
It is an illusion floating toward the mirror,
flooding my astigmatic eyes with hyper-surrealism
as my timid mind travels in hope
to the unreachable shelves of my hours.
It has been silent for a long time
and I can only listen to the murmur
of my poems on the screen as if
they were trying to save me from
my immortal insignificance
every single day.
But they are tired of my blindness,
my complexes and paradoxes.
They know my poetic mind won’t
resist much longer the tasteless duty
of being a poetess, a poet, whatever.
Poetry will never make the evening news.
A flower is not a flower,
a poem is not a poem
and I am neither a poet nor a poetess.
Karla Bardanza

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  1. I disagree... we are poets... just because cannot see that it is their loss not ours. For we must be true to who we are and have become... keep writing.. it will free you. Much love... "Flower"