Living in whispers

Rodney Woods
Save me from my sleepless dreams
when sunburned pregnant fears tear the sky,
discovering the secrets of her wounds.
Save me from the forgotten arms of time
as I ran fast into my own woods, looking for
the steps of my mistakes.
Oh! Save me…
She opened the window today
but there was no horizon sleeping anymore.
She refuses to weep and I only weep
when those eyes are blind.
Save me as I repeat the same words,
inventing new meanings to my foreign world.
Oh! Save me…
Save me from my trembling hands
when I see her pain, when I am weaker
to fight against my deformed self.
My present spills my blood carelessly.
Oh! Save me…
Life pretends to be alive.
She is my breath, she is my voice.
(can’t you see that?)
Oh! Save us…
Save us…
Karla Bardanza
Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012

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