Curriculum Vitae

Painting by Elena Arcangeli

NAME: Skyclad at Midnight AKA Karla B
DATE OF BIRTH: (poetic license to be quiet...)
NATIONALITY: Brazilian from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays I rest.
ADDRESS: Ignored.
TELEPHONE: I always forget it at home.



October 1985-September 1989 - U.O.F - University of Life - Master in Alterity and Occult Letters.



June 2012 -May2012 - Unexperienced mermaid breathing deeply to survive out of water.

May 2012-October 2011 - Awkward acrobat juggling with life and death.

October 2011-April 2010 - Ex-suicide stitching wrists wounds with faith.

April 2010-January 2009 - Do-it-yourself woman suffering from amnesia.

January 2009-August 2007 - Educated loser trying to extract force from the wind.

August 2007-March 2005 - Outcast in Wonderland.

March 2005-September 2002 - Invisible lady of distances.



Mother Tongue: Poetic Portuguese of Mario Quintana and Fernando Pessoa

Other Languages: Spanish to read Neruda, Italian to celebrate Dad, English to cure the past.

Technical Skills: Good at hunting adjectives and metaphors.

Artistic Skills: Drawing and sketches (of life), weave threads of love, sew wings, kitchen witchery.

Further Information: I work with my eyes closed and my heart in my mouth.



October 1993-July 2000 - A happy woman.

Karla Bardanza


    Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012

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