Body of Light

Painting by Kristine Kvitka

Beyond heaven
there must be peace within
as you close your eyes
and dissolve your body
in light and etheric energy.

Your consciousness continues
beyond material reality,
embracing The Moon and Saturn,
returning to the primordial
unity, transcending time,
space and desire.

She pierced the first veil
when she fell from her pure depths,
looking for something unwritten,

She opened the gate with her soul ragged,
thinking of stars and freedom.
Alchemy and Astrology would explain her.
She had three bodies and all of them were
the individual and unique expression of God
in her.

She made a transition back to the light
and had a chance, picking up her life
again, learning the necessary
to sustain herself for life and love
never end.
Never end.

Karla Bardanza

This poem is a tribute to Sandra Rogers and all those people who had a NDE - near death experience. I wrote this poem inspired by Karunesh's song called Punjab.

Photobucket Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012

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