Frailty & Annihilation

Painting by Mauro Cano

Your last contradiction brought you to outer space,
face to face to the forgotten taste of words.
You tried to edit the moon comfortably in your boundless trap,
transcending the cellos, lifting your last veil of pseudo intellectualism.

I was watching you without regrets.

Your sleepy pardons wandered in circles,
tired of saying what couldn’t fit in metaphors.
Endless spirals slept in your ungraspable eyes,
irrelevant eyes.

I was watching you without respect.

An imaginary you flows through the veins of whatever
you are. Your half-agape love sharpens the same rusty blade
made to cause my metaphysical estrangement.

I was watching you with contempt.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012

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