Contours made of water and grief

Painting by Carole Wenig

   If I were a dewdrop
on your lame corners
as the kids play with iridescent bubbles,
if I were...

...all those things have no name ...
If I tell why, would you ever forgive me
for my careless cruelties when I was afraid?

These days my life has changed.
My old crimes are precious gems under my skin:
emeralds, sapphires, diamonds...
They are...
... shells of silence,
disheveled rainbows,
tantalized flowers...
They are...
Elizabeth Bishop and Marilyn Hacker
writing poems for an unknown face .

I proved Venus and Mars
in conjunctions, sextiles and trines.
I proved the Sun and the Moon was mine.

If I were a dewdrop two Novembers gone...
...would you catch me in your hands...
and forgive me for being so fragile?

But I am strange to my life
and there is no story of return
for what lasts shall never last
and I struggle with devotion
to forget... contours made of water
and grief...

...are immense dewdrops running aimlessly
as I cry in your hands, skinning our hearts.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012

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  1. Every time I think I have read something extraordinary, you blow me away with yet another STELLAR poem! You ink well runs deep my friend! I admire your writing! It is beautiful!